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He became a trusted friend of Winthrop and other public men of Boston and in turn became a member of the town of Boston’s board of selectmen. There would be little point in thus briefly commenting upon other non-resident property owners of Winthrop but there are a few who merit some mention. One was Captain William Pierce, to whom was allotted the great part of what is now known as the Highlands. He was one of the principal navigators who explored and transported settlers into New England. He made his first voyage to Plymouth Colony in 1622 in the ship Paragon and a year later, came to Plymouth in the ship Anne.

One of the leading movers in this consolidation was Samuel W. Hale, former governor of New Hampshire, who was said to own a majority of the Winthrop lines’ stock. He had recently purchased a large part of Point Shirley, taking over the property of the Revere Copper Works, split it into small cottage lots and was busy having auction sales in 1884. The old road received a bad blow on Thanksgiving Day, 1885, when a great northeasterly raged. Much of Drug rehabilitation the track of the line was along the beaches and so exposed to the fury of the tumultuous ocean. Probably a large part of the line, at least that along the beaches, was washed away. View looking northeast across Shirley St. to Bill Morgan’s store on the east side of the street near Nevada St. The railroad ran across what is now the golf course, on a dike to the foot of Buchanan St. At first, as has been said, the broad gauge line was prosperous.

There was much opposition but the General Court agreed and the bridge was built. People did not want the river closed to boats and harassed Breed by various means, including the attempted passage of a scow too wide for the draw. A suit for costs for the “enforced idleness” of the scow was brought. After John Breed’s death, the bridge was allowed to fall into ruin. John Breed died mysteriously; his body was found a long time after death struck him. It was believed that she had poisoned him but there was no proof and the matter was dropped. The housekeeper finally returned home and lived quietly — but she bequeathed considerable money to her heirs.

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about 5,000 square feet; at Court Park, at about 6,000 feet; and at Cottage Park up to perhaps 10,000. feet; in the Highlands, particularly on the outer two hills, a 15,000. foot lot is not uncommon, although some of them in recent years have been subdivided. The Highlands is well gardened as a whole, because of the larger area available for most homes. The town, as a whole, however, Sober living houses is also well gardened, and a planting of street trees, maples and elms for the most part, made about 1880, has greatly beautified the entire town, save along the ocean front where winds are too severe to permit tree growth. For many years, up to 1951, these trees were under the care of the late Millard Smith, tree warden, who devoted his life to working for the town.

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Under these circumstances, no progress can be made until more money is available. November 25, Announcement by Trustees that they hope to break ground in the spring is expected to arouse people to pay pledges more promptly. December 11, Up to this time the Trustees carried on the hospital, patiently waiting for payments or pledges for construction of new building. Construction was not to be started until at least $100,000 was in hand. August 29, The well-known firm of Stevens and Lee of Boston and Toronto is selected as architects of the proposed new hospital.

And of course the ashes from the burned trees provided a fertilizer rich in potash as well as neutralizing the acidity somewhat. The corn and beans were dried and stored for winter use; the pumpkins were kept for a while but not very long for they spoiled easily.

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However, Maverick received the Island on condition that he pay the Governor annually, “either a fatt weather, a fat hogg, or forty shillings in money.” The Mavericks sold the Island in 1656 and it went through various hands, including Sir Thomas Temple’s. His nephew, Robert Temple, who bought Governor Winthrop’s Ten Hill Farm, was a tenant on the Island. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Governor James Bowdoin, and thus came into the ownership of the Deane Winthrop House. A son, Sir John Temple, was made the first British Ambassador to the United States after the Revolution. The third minister was Reverend Phillips Payson, a descendant of John Eliot’s sister Mary. Eliot, it will be remembered, was known as the Apostle to the Indians.

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This fill killed the aged willows along Pauline Street but it did make most of the park solid at last. The year brought the death of Henry J. Barry, selectman, ; town solicitor, 1932, and Advisory Committee, 1931, 1933 and 1936. The next year, 1935, the Federal aid continued of vital importance towards helping provide for the unemployed of the town.

Certainly the world we knew, when the town drowsed under its elms and upon its beaches when the century opened, has gone forever. We have been so twisted and broken in the tumultuous years that it will be several generations before an adequate historical analysis of what has happened to us can be attempted. Next came the twinkling twenties when, like adolescents, we all went on a merry spiral of pleasure and profit, each according to his opportunities and desires.

About 1800 it was given to the Federal Government and the present quaint fort, a wonder in its day no doubt, was erected in . The guns of the Fort commanded the harbor as far east as Point Shirley. Noddles Island, now East Boston and hardly recognizable as an island at all, was variously known as Bereton Island Alcohol detoxification and also as William’s Island, because these two, in succession, occupied it, being In their time, the sole residents. In 1633, the General Court selected the title “Noddles Island” — the name supposed coming from William Noddle, who was an employee of William Bereton, but who had made a claim to the Island.

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Cherry Island bar, off Beachmont, is an example of a drumlin which has been completely leveled by the waves. Of course, Apple Island and Governors Island are examples of drumlins leveled by man — the Airport consumed their substance.

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