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Let me make it clear about Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Let me make it clear about Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Debt consolidation reduction vs Consumer Proposal

You may be wondering if a debt consolidation loan, home equity loan or second mortgage are a good option to consolidate your debts if you have significant credit card debt, tax debts or other unsecured debts.

An unsecured consolidation loan is tough to get in case your credit rating currently reflects bad or credit that is too much. Also when you have equity in your house, it may be tough to be eligible for a property equity loan or 2nd home loan therefore the expenses and rate of interest may be significant.

Our Dartmouth financial obligation specialists will allow you to review the debt restructuring options and compare the good qualities and cons of the brand new loan or 2nd home loan with making an official, debt negotiation offer to creditors by way of a customer proposition. (more…)