Misplaced jealousy? He became Mr Helpful after I was single.

Misplaced jealousy? He became Mr Helpful after I was single.

Hi all. My BF and I do not yet live together (due to complicated DC and never attempting to mix families) Been together 6 years. We have been one another’s 321Chat sign in help bubbles.

As with my username, he’s got the thing I perceive to be always a knight in shining armour complex. There is certainly history.

Whenever we met, we had been both hitched with other individuals. We divorced first. We’d exactly the same selection of buddies, so nevertheless socialised within the exact same group.

He utilized to demand friendly chats, bring me personally control me downs of his DS’s garments for mine who’s a year younger. He’s quite proficient at DIY and would provide to complete jobs that are odd me personally. All extremely innocent. No flirting. No recommendation of any thing more than friendship from either part.

He later divorced himself and now we met up 24 months from then on.

Through the entire very very first few years, he constantly did actually have friend that is female two whom required some type of help. He is a caring neck to cry on, do odd jobs, be helpful. absolutely nothing every seemed untoward. Very often these ladies had been hitched and then he never hid any such thing. We never distrusted him.

It went incorrect onetime as he had a lady buddy who was simply solitary and, as time proceeded, it became apparent than he intended that she thought there was more to this. We went round to their one day and she had been here having coffee she looked pretty shaken to see me with him and. We told him them that it absolutely was dodgy in which he must be careful that she was not having the incorrect concept.

One he told me he had offered to take her out dancing one evening as she was lonely and wasn’t dating anyone day. We said which was a boundary that is massive and explained just just how that will check out her. I became livid he had been asking another woman away on a romantic date, but he stated it had been rubbish and she knew the rating. He desired her to possess some business and a good particular date.

We explained that the solitary girl getting that amount of relationship and help from a guy is practically constantly planning to wonder just exactly exactly what more there is certainly to it. He disagreed and stated it had been a fact that is sad I was thinking by doing this about males and their motivations.

Sooner or later, inevitably, possibly, she propositioned him one and he shut it down and said he was with me day. (we saw the communications. She really was furious).

She then instead rapidly disappeared from the scene (most likely due to simply how much she will need to have thought lead on). He had been upset he had lost a pal because she had read him all incorrect (!)

We told him he previously been an idiot and then he finally consented along he said he would be more aware from now on and keep his boundaries with women in check that I had been right all.

He also noticed that he could be much the same with male buddies. He could be a neck, a support, he is great for DIY, he does not look at huge difference, nevertheless now this had occurred using this girl he could really see that it is not the exact same with solitary ladies buddies and may be look over wrongly.

No problems that are further. as yet.

He could be working away lot at this time so we are getting through to FaceTime. A month or more ago, he explained he had invested one hour regarding the counselling a junior colleague who had been having a time that is hard. It absolutely was fairly belated in the and not work related evening. Knight in shining armour once again. He was told by me to be mindful.

Then a ago, he told me she had a work problem in the office and he had sorted it for her week. Once again – he is her supervisor, in order that’s to be anticipated (absolutely nothing to see right here. actually. he stated)

Yesterday, he called me personally and said he have been round to correct her automatic washer.

We am beyond pissed off.

Firstly, it is a bloody lockdown and how come he compromising our bubble by starting her home?

Secondly, what type of work relationship involves likely to a person’s house doing odd jobs?

Thirdly, this woman is solitary. She is being given by him plenty of attention so we have actually talked about any of it before. Whatever he believes is and it isn’t happening, she will most likely think he is interested.

Him of what happened the last time and how it spoiled a friendship because his friend got the wrong idea so I have reminded.

Have always been we being completely whenever Harry came across Sally about it? i am aware that both women and men may have platonic friendships. We have plenty myself, but i can not assist thinking that whatever their motives are here, it should appear to be another thing to her – and I also’m perhaps perhaps maybe not confident with it. It is a boundary he crossed prior to and it also finished badly.

He states i will be having a seed and making an oak tree. He claims he’s doing just exactly what he’d do for other people (which will be real).

Have always been we massively over reacting by being unhappy about that? he could be being clear. He constantly is, but section of me believes that is a kind of ego boosting/plan B ing – or at the least doing a show of ‘what a fantastic guy i have always been’ to a different girl.

I do not desire to produce thing from it if it is simply me personally being pathetic and over responding.

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